ACCCRN Champion

ACCCRN Champion, Ari Mochamad: The citizen is the most important aspect of resilience

When he was asked what inclusive city resilience means to him, he said it was a difficult question. He is very concerned that all people should be involved and they can access all information to create a resilient city. 

Ari Mochamad: Law is a powerful agent of change

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

“The more you get to know about climate change the more complex the challenges become,” says Ari Mochamad (or Ari Moch. Arif as he is known)

“Working on urban resilience is hard because you see the city through the lens of these challenges."

Ari was born and brought up in Bandung, Indonesia. The capital of West Java province, Bandung is Indonesia’s third city, with a population of nearly 7 million in the wider metropolitan area.

“Bandung is a beautiful city,” says Ari.

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