The lived experience of climate change in Dhaka

As part of her research on climate change, Dr Joanne Jordan spent months in the slums of Dhaka talking to over 600 people in their homes, work places, local teashops and on street corners to understand how climate change is linked to or creating problems in their ‘everyday’ lives and how they are trying to find solutions to those problems.


Banjir Kanal Timur in Semarang City and the Problems to Deal With

According to a survey of some parts of the Banjir Kanal Timur (East Flood Canal) area in Semarang City, there are several findings that are considered to be problems. The situation has become difficult because of the rapid urbanization that has the impact of increasing the needs for infrastructure because of the pressure of increasing population and its domino effect on the environment. Some of the visible problems in the area include slums and squatters and the lack of open space.

Most of urban poor population lives in informal settlements that lack resilient infrastructure

Member Interview Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Sakib Imtiaz


Sakib Imtiaz is a development professional based in Bangladesh. His expertise lies in the field of Urban Resilience, Disaster Management and Climate Change. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he shared his opinion on the urban poor and their relationship with urban infrastructure when ACCCRN interviewed him recently.

Underdog Resilience

Stories from the field Author: sarath kt

Sava Bhai, is a 70 year old rag picker from the city of Ahmedabad, India. He picks out garbage thrown to the Sabarmati River and nearby areas and sells the recyclable materials for a living. He is a living proof that even the poorest of the poor can contribute to the protection of earth. Find out about his story through series of black and white images.