ACCCRN is a leading regional network connecting professionals and communities across Asia to build inclusive urban climate change resilience (UCCR) that focuses on poor and vulnerable people affected by climate change. We commit to empower people in building climate resilience, influence urban agendas, and build a regional resilient community in Asia where there is rapid urbanization and fast-growing cities that are prone to sudden shocks, as well as long-term stresses. We need resilience now and in the future.

Our Purpose and Value

Our purpose is connecting people to build inclusive urban climate change resilience


Through membership of its platform, ACCCRN members may have access to resources and engage in activities

Our History

The ACCCRN Regional Network builds from lessons, experience, and legacy of its eight-year program

Our Team

ACCCRN has secretariat team to deliver purpose and value for the network with the support of Advisory Board

Core Countries

ACCCRN initiative was implemented in Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and expanded to Bangladesh and Philippines


ACCCRN works with other organizations to collaborate for particular activity with mutual benefit