Participatory management of urban lakes: Indore lakes

This video presents a process for stakeholder led urban lake conservation in Indore, India. 

UNDIP Students Talk about Inclusivity

120 Students of Urban and Regional Planning at Diponegoro University attended the ‘Planning Studio’ class. ACCCRN gave lectures and introduced the concepts of inclusivity and resilience to the students. And here is what they said about inclusivity.

ACCCRN Thailand: Community network for disaster management

Mr. Chachrit Pocharueng is the manager of the Songkhla Community Foundation and a member of the ACCCRN Hat Yai working group. He is talking here about his role and how he used his skills to obtain lessons learnt from his work and to produce learning materials to publish. This led to an expansion of the work on building urban climate resilience in Hat Yai.


Seven Actions for Cities to Deal with Climate Change

Practical examples that show seven actions in helping towns and cities deal with climate change, to reach Sustainable Development Goal 11.

The importance of gender integration for climate change impacts

Climate change impacts affect men and women differently. Extreme weather events—such as droughts, floods, crop failure, disease outbreaks, and other climate impacts—threaten the resilience of communities, especially those who are economically weak. Climate change is not gender neutral and different social groups feel the impact differently, especially those who are vulnerable and less empowered.

You can turn on the subtitles by clicking the cc on the video.