Global politics of 1.5 to stay alive

Opinion Author: Shaila Mahmud

The article gives a brief overview of the present day climate change induced phenomenon with a background on how 1.5 limit has made it to the global climate negotiations. The article also discusses the impediments in achieving the goals in context to the over-ambitiousness of the goal and the recent withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement.

U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Deal

Opinion Author: Sakib Imtiaz

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced that the US is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Trump claimed the agreement would cost the US $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million jobs - while rival economies like China and India were treated more favorably. The Paris agreement was intended to bind the world community into battling rising global temperatures. Stopping climate change is only possible when the global community will work together. Mr. Trump said during last year's presidential election campaign that he would take the step to help his country's oil and coal industries.

Reflection from Bonn, en route to the action-oriented COP 22 in Marrakech

Takeaways Author: Denia Syam

A few months after COP 21, the Parties gathered in Bonn in what were the first climate talks since Paris. The Bonn climate talks were the place to prove whether we could maintain the spirit of collaboration and compromise, which successfully laid an essential foundation for the complex yet delicately crafted balance of the historical landmark that the Paris Agreement represented.

The Paris Agreement: what does it mean for climate change resilience building measures?

Takeaways Author: Denia Syam
Last December, I had the privilege of supporting the Indonesia Delegation at the COP 21 UNFCCC in Paris. With my background work with ACCCRN, I was assigned to cover the issues of Adaptation and Loss and Damage. The COP 21 has successfully given rise to the Paris Agreement, which will provide an overarching policy framework for post-2020 global climate change action, and thus will be relevant to our work on climate change resilience building measures.

Climate resilience must be a global priority

Opinion Author: Ashvin Dayal, Saleemul Huq

After tense negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December, the world finally has a deal that, although not perfect, for the first time allows us to be optimistic that we will decelerate the pace of climate change.