A conversation with Sunandan Tiwari, ACCCRN Champion

Sunandan Tiwari says the urban climate resilience challenge is mainly about changing mindsets. Find out why ACCCRN Champion, Sunandan Tiwari, Deputy Director at ICLEI South Asia, prioritises capacity building to achieve urban climate resilience.

ACCCRN Champion: Sunandan Tiwari, Delhi, India

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

Sunandan went on to study for a Master’s degree in Ecology from Salim Ali School of Ecology at Pondicherry University. He has applied his knowledge of ecology and development to a wide range of sectors including, water resource management, sanitation, forestry, renewable energy, environmental services and of course, climate change adaptation.

Usha Raghupathi: Clean India Campaign is Measure of City Resilience

The Government of India is now focusing on cleaning up the cities. This is an adaptation measure rather than one designed as a programme to deal with climate change. But the focus on sanitation and solid/liquid waste will help build the city resilience from climate change impacts.

Wannobon Khuan-Arch is sharing about Hat Yai working group

Wannobon Khuan-Arch is a Regional Coordinator for ACCCRN Network in Thailand. In this video she tells about Hat Yai working group. One lesson learned is that a chairperson from the private sector contributed greatly to building trust, reducing conflict, and enhancing cooperation between the multi-stakeholders.


Interview with ACCCRN Champion: Elly Tartati Ratni

Elly Tartati Ratni is Head of the Research and Development subdivision in the Blitar Development and Planning Agency.

She and her team strive to build awareness of climate change amongst Blitar’s community.

The goal was to integrate climate vulnerability and risk assessments into the city’s urban spatial planning process.

Learn what else she and her team have done to tackle the climate change in Blitar through this video.