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November, 2016
Surat is one of the most prosperous cities in India. It has been facing floods since its formation, and even after the construction of the Ukai dam, the floods continued to damage the city. This report shows how the implementation of an early-warning system has helped to increase the resilience...
October, 2016
Author: CDP
2016 CDP global cities report, It takes a city: The case for collaborative climate action. The report draws from the CDP disclosures of 533 cities across the globe, and explores the economic opportunities to both cities and the private sector from working collaboratively on climate...
May, 2016
Author: Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) Team of Semarang City
Semarang must be prepared to face continuous changes and challenges. The city is in a state of constant transformation. With the threat of sea level rise, we face flood risk. Rapid physical transformation poses many challenges, but we have others as well, including rapid urbanization and sprawl,...
October, 2015
The first Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific Congress, held on 11-13 February 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, aimed to provide an Asia-Pacific platform for urban resilience and climate change adaptation where dialogues were conducted to forge partnerships, with the ultimate goal of identifying...
June, 2015
Author: TARU Leading Edge
The main objective of this project is to ensure availabilty of local water resources during emergencies. This would be achieved by developing replicable models for peri-urban lake rejuvenation and conservation.
May, 2015
Author: Bijay Singh, Amit Mitra, Shiraz Wajih
Increasing urbanisation and the accompanying changes in land-use patterns are leading to a silent crisis through the destruction of ecosystems and the services they provide to support the poor, as well as affecting the resilience of urban areas. Using the example of Gorakhpur City in India&rsquo...
April, 2015
Author: Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar, Pankaj Khanna, Vishal Mehta
The impact of increasing temperatures combined with urban heat island effect is expected to be especially severe for economically weaker population, increasing vulnerabilty of its section of children and aged population. In order to address these challenges, we have experimented 13 different...
March, 2015
Author: TARU Leading Edge
The book "Road to resilience" is a guide to increasing the resilience of the world's cities. It is aimed at urban policy makers and planners and provides bottom-up resilience building options for augmenting urban services through conservation of local resources and waste recycling...
August, 2013
Author: TARU Leading Edge
This case study promotes cool roof and passive ventilation technologies in state and central government poor housing schemes through advocacy and support.
July, 2013
Author: TARU Leading Edge
This paper describes the flood risks faced by Surat, a city located on the Tapi River. It faces flood risks not only from the heavy precipitation in and around the city, but also from heavy precipitation upstream and high tides downstream. Reducing the risks depends on better water...