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January, 2011
Author: Jim Jarvie, Mora Older
This guide-book is intended to serve as a step-by-step design and implementation guide for climate change adaptation and resilience building programs. It has a focus on urban context, based on experience from the ongoing Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) program in Indonesia...
January, 2011
Author: Marcus Moench, Stephen Tyler, Jessica Lage
Catalyzing Urban Climate Resilience" describes how ten cities within the Rockefeller Foundation supported Asian Cities Climate Change Resilient Network (ACCCRN) assess climate vulnerability and apply emerging concepts of urban resilience. The ACCCRN experience offers an innovative framework...
September, 2011
Author: ISET- International
This publication discusses the activities and findings from the second phase of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network. This report begins by presenting the overall conceptual framework that ISET and partners have developed through the program. It then describes the communication of...
November, 2011
The traditional modes of urban governance and infrastructure decision-making, founded on the ‘predict and prevent’ paradigm, are no longer relevant. Dynamic factors in cities across Asia, including rapid urbanization, climate change impacts and rising vulnerability of populations,...
January, 2012
Author: ISET- International, NITSPASS, TEI
M-BRACE is working with city stakeholders in four medium-sized cities in Thailand and Vietnam to explore the intersection of two intimately-linked, defining trends: urbanization and climate change. The world's population is reaching new heights, and for the first time in human history the...
January, 2012
This accumulative report summarizes results from a series of participatory action research activities on local knowledge related to adaptation towards hydro-meteorological hazard and climate change impacts in four target areas: Lipang Island and Kendahe Village (Sangihe Island), Sayung- Demak ...
January, 2012
Author: Michael DiGregorio, Huynh Cao Van
On November 2, 2009, typhoon Mirinae slammed into the coast of central Vietnam, killing 122 people and causing $280 million in damage to property. While typhoons regularly strike the coasts of central Vietnam each fall, the severity of this storm took both meteorologists and local disaster relief...
January, 2012
Author: Richard Friend, Kenneth MacClune
Climate change will profoundly challenge the way human society has organized and planned. With its cross-sector and cross-scale yet highly uncertain impacts, climate change could hinder human progress for decades to come. The development and scientific communities have converged on the idea of...
October, 2012
Author: Ashvin Dayal, Anna Brown, Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio
This paper aims to capture and analyze emerging experiences, lessons and tensions evident from several years of work underway through the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, a network of secondary cities in South and Southeast Asia that have engaged in a process to analyze...
December, 2012
Author: TARU
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