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The link between mangrove ecosystem services and increased coastal urban resilience: The case of Semarang, Indonesia

Stories from the field Author: Kaitlin B. Harris, Nyoman Prayoga

Ecosystem services play a crucial role in maintaining human well-being and provide a plethora of goods and services to communities around the world. As mentioned by ISET-International1 (2013), ecosystems provide the basic foundational needs such as water, air, food, as well as some more advanced needs such as coastal defense, and water absorption capacity.

Crucial involvement of mass media to broaden public awareness of climate change in Asia

Opinion Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Kaitlin B. Harris

Mass media has the power to significantly influence various levels of practice, politics, and public opinion. Media outlets hold the power to shape the public’s perception, awareness, and the discourses and actions related to climate change.  This includes the important role of defining climate change, its negative impacts, and stimulating resilience responses in urban and rural areas alike.