All women groups involved in BRIGE program of Mercy Corps Indonesia/MCI (i.e.Totimori in
Bima with corn flour, forest honey, and horse milk products; Samangawa and Morisama in
Dompu with corn flour product) are all still on the process of their district released - trade permit
application (Pangan Industri Rumah Tangga/PIRT).

For corn flour, the production capacity is still very limited (as this is a quite new for all three
women groups), comparing to forest honey and horse milk productions. Therefore local
marketing channel is suitable for their products (e.g. Rumah Niwa, IKM Mart). For local
retailer supply (e.g. Bolly Mart) that needs PIRT certification products, the women groups can
collaborate further with other partners i.e. UD Lampudu Jaya Dompu or Ngajah Berseri Female
Cooperative Dompu. Business upscalling is highly possible for both corn flour and its snacks

For forest honey, Indonesia Forest Honey Network and PlanBee Indonesia are two communities
that can support women group capacity building in term of sustainable production, food safety,
beeswax utilization/no waste policy, packaging, and marketing practices. Business upscalling is
possible, with main challenges in production sustainability and packaging.

For horse milk, Totimori needs BPOM permit (province released) as it is classified as sensitive
product which apply more complex application comparing to PIRT’s. Business upscalling is
possible, with main challenges in trade permit application, food safety, packaging, and quality
stability standard.

Government can support the women groups in terms of trade permit appplication counseling,
capacity building program, funding, means/tools aid pacakge, promotion/exhibition facilities.
This will need well-maintained communication. While Universities (i.e. STKIP) can support in
terms of counseling, biological research, online trading, and exhibition. UMKM Bobuju Mandiri
express their interest to collaborate further with the women groups, but their commitment should be explored further, as currently they already have 28 other coached-farmers groups and they proposed different products focus (e.g. coffee, breeding honey, dragon fruit/melon/papaya/
chillies cultivation, catfish breeding).

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