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December, 2012
Author: Stephen Tyler, Marcus Moench
Climate change will have unavoidable impacts on urban systems and populations, especially in Asia where many large cities are exposed. Climate adaptation will be essential, and planning for adaptation can be simplified through operationalizing concepts of climate resilience and vulnerability....
January, 2013
Author: Phong Tran, Tran Tuan Anh, Tran Huu Tuan
Da Nang is the most dynamically developed city in Central Vietnam where economic development and urbanization are both occurring rapidly. Da Nang is also prone to typhoons, flooding and other natural hazards (i.e. drought, high tides, coastal erosion, salinization, and landslides). These hazards...
January, 2013
The impacts of climate change are already being felt all over Indonesia. Vulnerability to climate change is often specific to the local context. Hence, understanding climate change impact at the local level is important and fundamental for addressing climate change. The Government of Indonesia,...
January, 2013
Author: Phong Tran
On October 15, 2013 Typhoon Nari landed in Da Nang city with level-12 winds and level-13 (130km/h) gusts. Winds, coupled with heavy rainfall which led to flooding in many areas of the city, caused severe damages—many people were injured, thousands of houses destroyed or roofs blown off, and...
January, 2013
Author: Richard Friend, Sarah Reed, Pakamas Thinphanga, Jim Jarvie, Justin Henceroth, S. Janprasart, R. Sutarto, P. Tran, T. Nghiem, H. Nguyen, D. Singh
Urbanization and climate change represent fundamental transformation. Climate change means that climate conditions, including natural hazards, are increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, while urban growth, especially in many parts of the developing world, means that more people are living in...
January, 2013
Author: Michael DiGregorio
On November 2, 2009, typhoon Mirinae slammed into the coast of central Vietnam killing 122 people and causing $280 million in damage to property. While typhoons strike Vietnam each fall, the severity of this storm caught both meteorologists and local disaster relief professionals off guard....
January, 2013
The Climate Resilience Framework is a conceptual framework for simplifying and analyzing complex relationships between people, systems, institutions and climate change. The framework helps clarify factors that need to be included in the diagnosis of climate vulnerability, structures the...
February, 2013
Author: TERI
Resilient Cities Experience
June, 2013
Author: Verulam
Building resilience for the Urban Poor
October, 2013
Author: Sam Kernaghan, Jo da Silva
Across Asia, and more widely, significant investment is being made by donor organisations to catalyse awareness about climate change impacts in dynamic urban environments. This investment has ini- tiated processes that enable cities to adapt and become more resil- ient, thereby reducing risk to...