Mumbai Promise (from ADB's #AreWeThereYet video competition)
Nyoman Prayoga
Flood Resilience Program Manager
June 15, 2017 . 0 min read
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The video conveys the existing issues with regards to transportation and tries to convey how with the right approach sustainability can be attributed to it. It takes the case of Mumbai, one of the largest metropolises in the world. Although traffic, noise and air pollution, heavily contested space, stark inequality in the living condition, unaffordability, are issues that nag cities in the developing world, and Mumbai too; there are characteristics to the city that represent a promising scene when one talks about safe and sustainable transpiration. This has been captured and shown in the video. Ultimately, it tries to say that although we may not be ‘there’ yet; reaching there would not be impossible if the right approach is promoted.

Sarath Kuttikkatuparambil Thilakan, 1st prize winner of ADB’s #AreWeThereYet youth video competition, presents “Mumbai Promise”

Sarath won the ADB Judges’ Choice Award for a video titled “Mumbai Promise” that examined transport issues such as congestion, noise, and air pollution in the Indian city of Mumbai. He noted that these problems would only worsen with rising migration to cities unless planners take a sustainable approach including public transport.

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