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October, 2015
Author: Sunil Santha
The impacts of climate change in India are predicted to increase migration from rural villages and hazard-prone regions of the country to its cities. Migrant workers in urban contexts are considered one of the most vulnerable social groups to climate change risks, specifically to livelihood...
August, 2015
Author: Sam Bernard
This paper reviews the approaches taken by multilateral climate funds in the period 2010-2014 to support low-emission and climate-resilient development in developing country cities. It identifies US$842 million in approved climate finance for explicitly urban projects, which equates to just over...
July, 2015
The policy brief is based on the learning that emerged from TERI’s year-long study which looked at the impacts of Sea Level Rise (SLR) and other climate parameters such as storm surges and extreme rainfall on infrastructure and services of coastal cities. Granted by USAID as part of their...
June, 2015
Author: Divya Sharma
Urban India is at the threshold of major transformation. While we are gearing up for building smart Indian cities, we are also recognizing the need for sustainability in our development patterns. Therefore, there is a need for us to relook the ways in which we design our infrastructure, run our...
November, 2014
The impacts of climate change in cities are already being felt as loss and damage, due to the lack of capacity of many cities to implement the necessary adaptive and disaster risk reduction (DRR) measures, and the vulnerability of large proportions of urban residents, particularly in developing...
July, 2014
This presentation highlights the major findings from research conducted with the aim of analyzing the potential for integration between spatial planning and climate risk assessment to develop better planning processes. The study concludes that climate risk assessments (CRA) can be integrated into...
July, 2014
Author: Diane Archer
Studies from Asian cities highlight links between climate resilience, socioeconomics and governance.
April, 2014
Mercy Corps Indonesia considers that an adequate adaptation strategy and implementation can only be developed with a solid understanding of the vulnerability profile and potential risk imposed to specific areas and/or sectors. There are a number of proven applied methodologies in Indonesia, each...
February, 2014
Author: Divya Sharma
Legal mandate and financial revenues to implement activities to build resilience to climate change, as well as the necessary technical knowledge and capacity: The Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) initiative, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, has sought to address this...
January, 2014
Author: Diane Archer, Bach Tan Sinh
The impacts of climate change can have devastating effects on urban areas, which are home to over half of the global population. The scale and complexity of cities and towns, as hubs for economic, political and social activity, can make it difficult to plan for and implement actions to build...