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February, 2015
Author: Rockefeller Foundation
Insights from ACCCRN - Urban Climate Change Resilience in Action: Lesson from Projects in 10 ACCCRN CitiesThe Rockefeller Foundation initiated a nine-year Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) in ten initial cities and four countries1 in 2008. ACCCRN seeks to strengthen the...
January, 2015
The capacity of actors and institutions to learn and reorganize is central to the resilience of complex systems, particularly in the context of rapidly urbanizing cities. A process of qualitative, reflective research among practitioners within the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network ...
October, 2014
Author: ISET- International, Thailand Environment Institute, Vietnam National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS)
This report documents the process and findings of a series of participatory Vulnerability Assessments (VAs) undertaken as part of the Mekong Building Climate Resilience in Asian Cities (M-BRACE) program. M-BRACE is a four-year collaboration to strengthen the capacity of city stakeholders to...
June, 2014
Emerging literature on urban climate adaptation emphasizes the need to ‘‘mainstream” climate change resilience into city planning, while simultaneously acknowledging a frequent disconnect between planning and implementation, especially in countries where governance lacks...
June, 2014
In this paper we focus on the limitations of notions of mainstreaming urban resilience. We argue that generally there is such a fundamental failure of urban governance that there is often nothing to mainstream into, and argue the need for more politically nuanced approaches to urban resilience...
December, 2013
Author: Thailand Environment Institute
VDO of water management of Hat Yai city and Thungsong city, Thailand under Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN)VDO is produced by Thailand Environment Institute (TEI ) with funding from The Rockefeller Foundation
October, 2013
Across Asia, and more widely, significant investment is being made by donor organisations to catalyse awareness about climate change impacts in dynamic urban environments. This investment has initiated processes that enable cities to adapt and become more resilient, thereby reducing risk to...
October, 2013
Author: Sarah Reed, Richard Friend, Ratri Sutarto, Vu Canh Toan, Dilip Singh
This paper considers how resilience thinking and, in particular, its emphasis on learning has been applied in 10 cities in Vietnam, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Applying a “shared learning” approach in the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) has helped to create...
January, 2013
Author: ISET
In August 2012, the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), a regional program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, brought representatives of cities from Vietnam to Thailand, to learn from the experience of the floods of 2011 that inundated several provinces in the Chao Praya...
January, 2013
Author: Richard Friend, Sarah Reed, Pakamas Thinphanga, Jim Jarvie, Justin Henceroth, S. Janprasart, R. Sutarto, P. Tran, T. Nghiem, H. Nguyen, D. Singh
Urbanization and climate change represent fundamental transformation. Climate change means that climate conditions, including natural hazards, are increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, while urban growth, especially in many parts of the developing world, means that more people are living in...