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April, 2018
The Mekong Delta (MKD), in which Can Tho City is located, occupies a low-lying region in the center of South Hau River (Bassac River). The MKD is predicted to be one of the three most vulnerable deltas in the world caused by climate change. Seasonal flooding is a typical natural...
June, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai
Surat is a coastal city with just comfortable temperature and humidity for mosquitoes to grow and spread disease, high migration rate, rampant construction activities and climate change trend are add on risk to mosquito born diseases in the city. Vulnerability of city to mosquito born diseases is...
May, 2016
Author: Yohan Rahmat Santosa, Robertus Maria KDS
Some areas in Kelurahan Marunda are one of the informal settlements in North Jakarta City where families have been residing for decades. Living in those areas means you are faced with challenges such as a lack of clean water, housing insecurity, and lack of income which is currently compounded by...
May, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai, Dr. Suresh Kumar Rathi, Akash Acharya, Anuj Ghanekar, Hemant Desai, Kalpesh Khatri
Climate change and health hazards can be tackled by developing potential of adolescents from urban slums. The paper describes profile of adolescents in slums of flood vulnerable Surat city along with their climate change inclusive health perspective. Mixed methods were used: survey, focused...
April, 2016
Author: Tina Kunz-Plapp, Julia Hackenbruch, Janus Willem Schipper
Heat waves and the consequent heat stress of urban populations have a growing relevance in urban risk management and strategies of urban adaptation to climate change. In this context, social science studies on subjective experiencing of heat as stress by urban citizens are a new emerging field....
April, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai, Urvi Patel, Suresh K Rathi, Shailesh Wagle, Hemant S Desai
Climate czars have brought up an ascent in mean surface temperature of 2oC above pre-industrial levels will put the earth in unsafe, uncharted region. Heat is less regarded as highly appreciable hazard for Indian Cities. Surat (coastal) city is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its...
April, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai, Shailesh Wagle, Suresh Kumar Rathi, Urvi Patel, Hemant S. Desai, Kaplesh Khatri
A wealth of information is available on extreme heat and humidity associated with mortality for cities of the developed world, but there is a dearth in the literature for coastal cities of the developing world. The aim of the present study was to assess the effect of ambient heat on all-cause...