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February, 2018
Internal migration is a defining megatrend of our time: it brings with it the potential for vast economic growth and sustainable development, but until governments have the information they need to engage in evidence-based policymaking, the positive transformational potential of internal...
December, 2017
This chapter presents a snapshot of the challenges and opportunities for adaptation finance as seen from the ground and is based on on-the-ground experiences and interviews with practitioners in the field. Author and ISET CEO Kenneth MacClune wrote the chapter based  experiences of climate...
August, 2017
Author: Romeo B. Santos, Ph.D
This paper reports the findings of a Scoping Study that was aimed at understanding the interactions between urban peri-urban ecosystems and climate change risks in the context of Marikina City, Philippines. Marikina is perennially affected by calamities and highly vulnerable to threats of both...
November, 2015
Author: Alejandro Ciencia, Lorelei Crisologo Mendoza, Gladys Cruz, Nimreh Calde, Michael Cabalfin, Maileenita Peñalba
A resilient city must have, among other things, the capacity to satisfy the water-related and sanitation needs of its residents in a manner that is sustainable, equitable and conducive to human development. This working paper presents the findings of a study on water security, water access,...
January, 2014
Author: David Dodman, Donald Brown
This paper presents the findings of a study that IIED undertook in partnership with Plan International on urban children’s risk and agency in four large Asian cities: Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kathmandu (Nepal), Manila (the Philippines) and Jakarta (Indonesia). The study involved focus group...
December, 2010
A presentation highlighting ACCCRN's approach to developing climate change resilience strategies in partner cities. This presentation was given at COP 16 in Cancun.
January, 2010
Author: TARU, ISET
Introductory poster providing an overview of research into the climate change risks and vulnerabilities in Indore along with a summary of strategies for building resilience in Indore.
January, 2010
Author: TARU
Brochure introducing the Urban Service Monitoring System (URSMS). The system has two main interfaces: 1) The mobile interface for sending and receiving structured data via SMS; and 2) PC interface with Internet Mapping Service for visualizing the information as charts, reports and maps.
November, 2009
Author: Sarah Reed, Opitz-Stapleton, S., Seraydarian, L., MacClune, K., Guibert, G.
A concise overview of ACCCRN's approach to tackling climate change. Provides insight into the climate change vulnerabilities in partner cities as well as a summary of ACCCRN's approach to dealing with climate change issues.Sarah Opitz-Stapleton; Laura Seraydarian; Karen MacClune; Greg...