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February, 2018
Internal migration is a defining megatrend of our time: it brings with it the potential for vast economic growth and sustainable development, but until governments have the information they need to engage in evidence-based policymaking, the positive transformational potential of internal...
December, 2017
This chapter presents a snapshot of the challenges and opportunities for adaptation finance as seen from the ground and is based on on-the-ground experiences and interviews with practitioners in the field. Author and ISET CEO Kenneth MacClune wrote the chapter based  experiences of climate...
October, 2017
Author: Mercy Corps
September, 2017
Author: Jim Jarvie
A report to ESPA on behalf of the ACCCRN Network ...
June, 2017
Author: Eric Vaughan
This desk review of evidence on ecosystem services and resilience in urbanizing contexts in Myanmar supports a scoping study being carried out by a Working Group co-created by ESPA (Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation Directorate) and ACCCRN (Asian Cities, Climate Change Resilience...
August, 2015
The Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (UCRSEA) is co-led by the Thailand Environment Institute and the University of Toronto. Together with academic, local government, and civil society partners, the team will refine and apply tools for assessing vulnerability and building...
January, 2010
Author: TARU
Brochure introducing the Urban Service Monitoring System (URSMS). The system has two main interfaces: 1) The mobile interface for sending and receiving structured data via SMS; and 2) PC interface with Internet Mapping Service for visualizing the information as charts, reports and maps.
November, 2009
Author: Sarah Reed, Opitz-Stapleton, S., Seraydarian, L., MacClune, K., Guibert, G.
A concise overview of ACCCRN's approach to tackling climate change. Provides insight into the climate change vulnerabilities in partner cities as well as a summary of ACCCRN's approach to dealing with climate change issues.Sarah Opitz-Stapleton; Laura Seraydarian; Karen MacClune; Greg...