Global temperature rise has already started shooting its local effects. India witnessed highest temperature records since 2010 and noticeable increase from 2014-2016.  In case of coastal cities like Surat, not only heat but humidity too plays a vital role. Well-being of citizens as well as economy of the city is at risk due to high heat index.

2016 is the year for Phase I piloting of “Heat and health Action plan- Surat” by the Health department of Surat Municipal Corporation-SMC. This action plan is the first coastal city action plan in India prepared by Urban Health & Climate Resilience Centre (UHCRC). UHCRC also facilitated community involvement process for heat resilience in these years.

The efforts of system are being complimented by “community resilience” . Resileince emerged though 5 innovative approaches: 1. Resilience through dialogue 2. Resilience through creative education 3. Resilience through reclaiming traditional wisdom 4. Resilience through peer education in schools & 5. Resilience through micro-green spaces

Like other Indian cities, Surat scores high on heat health vulnerability scale. The focused community resilience is a key. Community resilience can be built and demonstrated creatively to solve today’s urban crisis.



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