The Indonesia BRIGE team conducted a gender assessment in Agri-Fin program communities in Bima and Dompu Districts, West Nusa Tenggara Province in September-October 2016. The assessment looked at climatic shocks and stresses that the farmers face and at gender dynamics at farmer household and community levels. The team also examined the effectiveness of Agri-Fin program interventions in assisting female and male farmers to prepare for and cope with climatic shocks and stresses. This report aims to inform gender-responsive actions to support gender integration into the Agri-Fin program. Agri-Fin is designed to address the challenges of smallholder farmers to increase their agricultural productivity, including strengthening their resilience to cope with recurrent climatic shocks and stresses.

The gender analysis is based on primary data collection and analysis applying gender-sensitive qualitative and participatory methodology, as well as a literature review. The assessment involved 182 participants engaged in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs): 163 out of 640 Agri-Fin farmer beneficiaries and 19 wife representatives. This report covers methodology, major findings and recommendations. It is expected that this assessment report will contribute to gender responsive programming within the Agri-Fin program in Indonesia.

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