The Rockefeller Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - with guidance from leaders across the country - are excited to announce the Communities Thrive Challenge, a $10 million funding opportunity to find and support successful, community-driven approaches to expand economic opportunity for low-income and financially insecure people and communities across the U.S.

We believe in an America where all people can earn enough to support their families, achieve financial security, and provide their children with more opportunities. Every day, local governments, businesses, and nonprofit leaders across the country are working to make this dream a reality in their communities.

Yet all too often, these local solutions are missed by those who could invest in them and help them reach more people. This is especially true for efforts in small and mid-sized cities, rural America, and places with high rates of poverty. Together we hope to fund, strengthen, and grow community-driven approaches across the country that help low-income and financially insecure people find and retain well-paid and meaningful work, achieve financial security, or build economically vibrant neighborhoods.

Up to 10 grantees will receive a $1M grant, best in class technical assistance and an opportunity to share their story on a national stage. If you work for or know of a local organization with this profile, we want to hear from you.

Learn more about this opportunity:

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