Humanitarianism and resilience, in the context of urban climate change in Surat, India

Stories from the field Author: Vikas Desai, Himansshu Bhatt
This is a true saga of the micro experience of a coastal trade city that was marooned by floods for a record 24 times in last century. It is a story of unknown faces whose resilience and determination to survive and thrive again and whose humanitarianism to help the known and unknown, the rich and poor, has made the city what it is today. 
When we look at the whole story in context with urban climate change and challenges ahead, it is this spirit of the city to rise again like a phoenix from ashes that makes it unique. 

ACCCRN Champion: Dr Saleemul Huq, Dhaka, Bangladesh

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

By the time Saleemul Huq had reached university he had lived in more cities than most people manage in a lifetime. Born in Karachi Pakistan, his father was a diplomat moving frequently, and Saleemul moved with him. At the age of one he moved to Bonn Germany, he went to school in Jakarta, Indonesia; attended high school in Nairobi, Kenya; and then went to university in London. Later he would settle in Dhaka, Bangladesh where he still lives for much of the year.

Humanitarianism and resilience: Engaging the private sector

Opinion Author: Saon Ray

Rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and more severe weather events are being observed worldwide.  It is in this context that the role and importance of the private sector in increasing the resilience of communities to withstand climate related disasters needs to be highlighted. All businesses irrespective of size, location, products, and services depend on weather and climate. Addressing the uncertainties created by changing climate requires risk management strategies.