Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

Rooftop organic farming

Stories from the field Author: Sudipto Das

It's a patch of green, a wondrous vegetable garden that has sprung up at a height of about 50 feet on the fast-expanding concrete maze of neighbouring New Town in Kolkata, the eastern state of India. A team of five farming experts who run a social service platform in Birbhum district in the eastern state of West Bengal has been working tirelessly to grow more than 35 kinds of organic vegetables on the concrete terrace. Experienced in urban farming in Mexico, Gomez looks after the rooftop vegetable garden. He believes terrace farms can change the micro-climate of neighbourhoods in Kolkata.

Peri-urban lake restoration, Indore - A TARU Project under ACCCRN

The video showcases the project of peri-urban lake restoration in Indore that is implemented by TARU under the ACCCRN programme. The project has been able to achieve such success due to the strategy of ensuring multiple stakeholders were engaged through the course of the project.

Further information about this project, please visit Taru Leading Edge website.

The peri-urban space: Why it matters?

Takeaways Author: Nivedita Mani

Climate change impacts exacerbate this already precarious balance. Floods, rising temperatures, droughts, water scarcity - all these events adversely affect urban areas. The peri-urban space, therefore, becomes more valuable as it can provide a buffering capacity to the cities and also strengthen their resilience capacities.

Student Research - Documentary of Resilience Issue in Tengaran Raya, Semarang Regency (Bahasa Indonesia)

This video is produced as part of ACCCRN Youth Program with Department of Urban and Regional Planning - Diponegoro University for 'Inclusive UCCR in Regional Development Planning Strategy'. It is documentary of planning studio result that elaborate regional development strategies with the concept of inclusive and cllimate change resilience in Tengaran Raya District in Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Urban, Peri-Urban and Ecosystems Working Group

Author: Nivedita Mani, Jim Jarvie, Shiraz Wajih

We invite you to join our working group on Urban, Peri-urban, and Ecosystem. The outcome will be to list costed options for future activities and products that would effectively leverage evidence to influence decision-makers in Asia to write better policies.