Paying for our climate in Pakistan

Opinion Author: Nimra Naeem

Pakistan ranks as the 8th most vulnerable country to climate change according to the Global Climate Risk Index although it produces less than 1% of the World’s GHG emissions. It draws a sad picture of how poor countries have to pay the price for the emissions generated by the richer countries.

Carbon tax on fossil fuel

Opinion Author: Sakib Imtiaz

According to a recent Reuters news, Bangladesh will introduce carbon tax on fuel from this June. The news of imposing carbon tax has drawn mixed reactions from the people. While some businesses and environmental groups have welcomed the plan, some feared adverse effect. Bangladesh has a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 5.0 per cent in its Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) during COP21 in Paris. According to Paris Climate Agreement, signatory countries must take measures as per their national climate action plan.

Disaster Response Partnering Guidelines For Aid Providers and Mobile Network Operators

Takeaways Author: Jacob Korenblum

GSMA Disaster Response and Souktel have unveiled an ambitious new guide: “Building Effective Partnerships In Complex Environments.” It’s a first-ever resource to help mobile network operators join forces with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) more rapidly and effectively.

Insurance Design, Innovation for Building MSME

Takeaways Author: Josh Ling, Mercy Corps

The December 2015 floods in Chennai revealed poor insurance coverage among micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). While there was significant demand for insurance products in the aftermath of the floods, in most cases, the insurance that was held by the MSMEs poorly covered their losses and did little to shorten recovery times. Insured firms received settlements that were far below what they had claimed, i.e. there was a huge mismatch between what firms expected to receive under their policies and the amount insurance providers approved.

What’s the recipe to cook up networks for resilience?

Opinion Author: Megan Rowling

Spreading the word about the need to get ahead of climate change and disasters, linking people and organisations so they can tackle problems better together, discovering new knowledge and resources to build resilience  - apart from that, 'what have networks ever done for us?' we might ask, to steal the famous Monty Python line.