Urban resilience in a land of flood and drought, a tale of three cities: Chennai, Indore & Surat

Stories from the field Author: Will Bugler

India has a tempestuous relationship with water. The seasonal monsoon winds drive dramatic changes to the country’s weather systems, blowing in wet weather from the south-west, or dry from the north-east. The rainfall brought by these weather systems does not fall uniformly across the country, with some areas suffering intense droughts, while others experience severe floods. The dualism of overabundance and scarcity of water presents huge challenges for the country’s growing urban population, whose health, homes and livelihoods are increasingly threatened by India’s water woes.

Dr Thongchai Roachanakanan: Urban planners need to get out of their office

ACCCRN Champion Author: Elisa Jimenez Alonso

Dr. Thongchai Roachanakanan works for Thailand’s Ministry of Interior. As director of the Department of Public Works, Town & Country Planning he is responsible for the development of some of the fastest growing cities on earth. It is a level of responsibility that would weigh heavily on most people’s shoulders. But when talking to Dr Thongchai it becomes obvious that climate change and the pressure that it puts on urban areas is a worry that goes beyond the stresses of the traditional workplace.

Transforming Chennai: Building Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Resilience to Water-Related Environmental Change

Stories from the field Author: Mercy Corps
Rapid urbanization across Asia is altering the natural environment and combined with climate change, is leaving areas dense with people, infrastructure, and assets exposed to flood risks. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) – essential to balanced, employment generating urban growth - are particularly vulnerable.

Dr. Saon Ray: Resilience City, Learn from Surat and Pune

Here is what you need to know about resilience city: Dr. Saon Ray's views.