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Alexandra, between European and Asian cities

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

How can we make our cities more resilient to shocks and stresses? How can we make them more liveable and more accessible? And how can we make them work for the poor and marginalised as well as those who are better off? These are the questions that Alexandra Vogl has been working to find answers to throughout her career. Her work has taken her from urban planning in cities in Eastern Europe, to climate change resilience building in Asia’s burgeoning mega-cities.


Purnomo: In urban planning, history is very important

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

Purnomo is Semarang Government Officer and also Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) for 100 Resilient Cities, his knowledge of climate change adaptation and resilience building was cemented by his involvement with the ACCCRN programme in Semarang city.

Dr Thongchai Roachanakanan: Urban planners need to get out of their office

ACCCRN Champion Author: Elisa Jimenez Alonso

Dr. Thongchai Roachanakanan works for Thailand’s Ministry of Interior. As director of the Department of Public Works, Town & Country Planning he is responsible for the development of some of the fastest growing cities on earth. It is a level of responsibility that would weigh heavily on most people’s shoulders. But when talking to Dr Thongchai it becomes obvious that climate change and the pressure that it puts on urban areas is a worry that goes beyond the stresses of the traditional workplace.

Ari Mochamad: Law is a powerful agent of change

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

“The more you get to know about climate change the more complex the challenges become,” says Ari Mochamad (or Ari Moch. Arif as he is known)

“Working on urban resilience is hard because you see the city through the lens of these challenges."

Ari was born and brought up in Bandung, Indonesia. The capital of West Java province, Bandung is Indonesia’s third city, with a population of nearly 7 million in the wider metropolitan area.

“Bandung is a beautiful city,” says Ari.