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India’s cities: limiting entrepreneurship?

Opinion Author: Saon Ray

Is entrepreneurship getting inhibited in India due to there being too few cities? Ghani et al. (2014) examine the spatial determinants of entrepreneurship in India in the manufacturing and services sectors. They find that local education levels and physical infrastructure quality play a role in promoting entry.

Linking humanitarianism to resilience for urban climate change

Opinion Author: Nimish Jha

Climate induced disasters are becoming more and more frequent. The scale and proportion of this onslaught has resulted in displacements, loss of assets and the destruction of livelihoods. These challenges are more evident in the cities that are facing shocks and stresses as a result of these impacts.  Exacerbating this are systemic deficiencies in cities’ institutional processes which have further complicated the process of resilience building.  Human welfare measures can play an important role in helping people to bounce back.

Humanitarianism and resilience: Engaging the private sector

Opinion Author: Saon Ray

Rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and more severe weather events are being observed worldwide.  It is in this context that the role and importance of the private sector in increasing the resilience of communities to withstand climate related disasters needs to be highlighted. All businesses irrespective of size, location, products, and services depend on weather and climate. Addressing the uncertainties created by changing climate requires risk management strategies.

Bangkok: Like a big oven

Opinion Author: Porpla Khuan-arch

Thailand faced very high temperatures this last April. It is well known that the major factor behind this hot weather is the sun being directly overhead during the April- May period.

Bangkok is a city that experiences problems during hot weather spells such as these. Besides the seasonal and geographical factors, the phenomenon of "Urban Heat Island" is another factor that makes Bangkok extremely hot.

Tapping India’s potential on sustainable and resilient urbanization

Opinion Author: Divya Sharma

India is on the cusp of major transformation in terms of how it translates and directs urbanization. The current urban development scenario and the Government’s interest in steering urban development towards creating liveable cities opens up a plethora of opportunities and planning mechanisms to be explored.