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What’s the recipe to cook up networks for resilience?

Opinion Author: Megan Rowling

Spreading the word about the need to get ahead of climate change and disasters, linking people and organisations so they can tackle problems better together, discovering new knowledge and resources to build resilience  - apart from that, 'what have networks ever done for us?' we might ask, to steal the famous Monty Python line.

Five ways to build inclusive cities

Opinion Author: Jim Jarvie, Richard Friend

This year, World Cities Day (October 31) focuses on “inclusive cities, shared development.” But with rapidly growing urbanization, how can cities ensure that all of their residents are thriving?

Striking with indiscriminate intensity, Hurricane Matthew blew through the Caribbean and the eastern United States in late September. The Category 4 storm plowed the U.S. Gulf Coast with winds as high as 170 kilometers per hour, heavy rainfall, and floods. After the storm, at least 1,000 people had been killed and more than $4 billion of damage was incurred.

Towards the New Urban Agenda: Where are “people” in delivering inclusive, safe, resilient cities?

Opinion Author: Jim Jarvie, Denia Syam

The challenge in addressing inclusion and social justice in cities across Asia will need to be faced via tools of persuasion, advocacy, and finding common ground with government, finance, and investment mechanisms that are too rarely engaged as equal. The Habitat III New Urban Agenda is an arena to be active in this process and all ACCCRN members are strongly encouraged to become involved.

Towards the resilient city: Inclusive, safe and sustainable

Opinion Author: Nimish Jha

With the rising of variation already happening due to climate change and with time running out, we have to take necessary actions to ensure that our policy framework and structure are conducive to ensure social sustainability and minimize adverse impacts of climate change. All the stakeholders need to be empowered to achieve a win – win scenario. This will help in harnessing change through the right means.

A resilience city from urban health practitioners’ points of view

Opinion Author: Vikas Desai

Urban health is a new arena and climate change and resilience are an even newer arena in rapidly urbanising, developing nations. Within this context, it is the right time to initiate the process of understanding urban health and climate resilience.