With more than 100 projects in more than 50 countries involving over 900 researchers, ESPA is delivering cutting-edge science to improve understanding of how ecosystem services can enhance society and the economy while improving the lives and wellbeing of poorer communities around the world. Visit www.espa.ac.uk for further information.

Acclimatise is a specialist consulting, communications and digital application company providing world-class expertise in climate change adaptation and risk management. Acclimatise focus on adaptation and shaping the adaptation agenda across the world. Acclimatise bridges the gap between the latest scientific developments and real world decision-making, helping clients to introduce cost-effective measures to build climate resilience into their strategies, processes and activities. www.acclimatise.uk.com

Centre for Climate Risk and Oppoptunity Management in Southeast Asia Pasific (CCROM - SEAP), is a research center at Bogor Agriculture University with main focus for research area is to enhance the capability of society in Southeast Asia and Pacific to better understand the development impact of climate variability and climate change, also to manage risks and opportunities of those events to improve human welfare and environment. ccromseap.ipb.ac.id