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April, 2017
Author: Glaudy Perdanahardja
This presentation is presented in ACCCRN Resilience Talk: Linking Cities and Ecosystem, Jakarta, 21 April 2017. Bringing Jakarta as study case, Glaudy talked about critical key ecosystem services that urban area significantly dependent for sustaining its development pathways; and how nature...
March, 2017
This document declared at the Youth Net for Climate Justice Conference. This conference aims to engage youth in addressing the impacts of global climate change and extreme weather events. Hosted in Barisal, a disaster-prone coastal area in Bangladesh, the conference provides an opportunity for...
December, 2016
Author: TARU Leading Edge
The Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) is a decentralized, state-based surveillance program, intended to detect early warning signals of impending outbreaks and help initiate an effective response in a timely manner.  
June, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai
Global temperature rise has already started shooting its local effects. India witnessed highest temperature records since 2010 and noticeable increase from 2014-2016.  In case of coastal cities like Surat, not only heat but humidity too plays a vital role. Well-being of citizens as well as...
November, 2012
Author: TARU Leading Edge
The urban population's growth, intersectoral competition over water resources and climate change are expected to amplify water scarcity, energy costs and health issues in urban areas. Improving efficiency and reducing climate change-related risks would be possible through integrated...
June, 2012
Author: TARU Leading Edge
Knowledge sharing and interactions between different stakeholders of the city are essential to understand the problems and solutions at the local level, and to build a political alliance for urban health.
November, 2010
Author: TARU Leading Edge
With the intention to address problems such as repetitive floods, high population density and lack of safe and adequate water supply, the Surat Climate Change Trust was established to engage in policy advocacy regarding urbanization and climate change.
April, 2010
Author: TARU Leading Edge
The interventions in the cities of Indore and Surat include raising awareness of climate variability and climate change risks, developing city-specific vision strategies and scenarios for informed decision making.