Under the coordination of National development Planning Agency, Government of Indonesia finally launched our National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation (RAN API) on February 2014. The purpose of RAN API is to produce a national action plan to adapt to the impact of climate change in a coordinated and integrated manner with all stakeholders. RAN API has a specific purpose to provide direction for mainstreaming climate change adaptation issues in the national development planning process and to provide direction for climate change adaptation in each sector, and integrate climate change adaptation action in the national short-term plan (2013-2014), medium-term (2015-2019) and long-term (2020-2025).

RAN-API breakdowns its strategic objective into five sectors of resilience, namely: i) Economic resilience (consisted of food security and energy security) (di; ii) Living system resilience (consisted of public health, housing and settlement, and infrastructure), iii) Ecosystem resilience, iv) Specific region resilience (coastal and small island, and urban system), v) Supporting system resilience. The first term of RAN API implementation will be focused in ten pilot areas five ACCCRN cities. RAN API is a living document which will be updated in regular basis by Bappenas.

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