Organization: UNDP
Position: JPO - Programme Analyst, Climate Change Mitigation and Green Growth
Duty Station: 
Hanoi, Viet Nam
Deadline for Application: 1 August 2017

Experience Requirements:

As a member of the Climate Change and Environment Team (SD), the JPO is expected to make contribution to the formulation of new projects, including preparing concept notes, conducing consultation, undertaking feasibility study, developing full project documents, and appraisal of the project proposal;

As a member of UNDP programme team, the JPO is responsible to oversight and implementation of projects assigned to him/her, to ensure quality planning, budgeting, procurement of services and consultants, and oversight the implementation, reporting and monitoring and evaluation for timely delivery of quality results/products;

As a member of UN family in Viet Nam, the JPO is expected to make contribution to the implementation of the UN One Plan, advancing UN’s delivery as one (DAO) agenda, enhancing synergies and impacts of UN support in the area of climate change and green growth;

The JPO will work in partnership with UN/DP colleagues, Government counterparts, project staff, development partners, non-government organizations to ensure successful programme development and implementation to achieve One Plan results.

Building strategic partnerships and implementation of the resource mobilization strategy

As a member of the SD team, the JPO is expected to make contribution to formulation of new projects and resources mobilization in the areas of low-carbon development and green growth, including renewable energy and energy efficiency, focusing on the following tasks:

  • Implement the UN and CO partnerships and resources mobilization strategies, focusing on analyzing political and development context, identification of new ideas, and formulation of new projects, based society based on UNDP’s strategic goals, Viet Nam’s needs and donors’ priorities; and research of information on donors and potential sources of funding;
  • Develop partnerships with Government institutions, development partners, the private sector, civil society;
  • Contribute to or lead (as appropriate) the formulation of CO programme/project in the areas of low-carbon development and green growth for translating UNDP’s priorities into local interventions. This will be done in close consultation and collaboration with the Government counterparts, stakeholders and UNDP technical staff/ advisors in Viet Nam in in regional offices and headquarters.

Management and implementation of projects and activities

The JPO will function as part of the UNDP programme team responsible for project implementation, backstopping UNDP's overall support and quality assurance work of on-going projects in the area of climate change and green growth, by conducting the following tasks:

  • Supervise and manage projects assigned to her/him, including assurance that projects implementation follows agreed upon prevailing regulations with transparency;
  • Ensure  to quality planning (annual, and quarterly work-plans), reporting, monitoring and evaluation of projects/programme;
  • Effectively apply Result Based Management (RBM) tools, establishment of management targets and monitoring achievement of results. Introduction of performance indicators/ success criteria, targets and milestones;
  • Analyse the situation in the programme: financial and substantive monitoring and evaluation of the projects, identification of operational and financial problems, development of solutions;
  • Plan and facilitate periodical evaluation and impact assessment of the programmes/projects; share lessons learn, and follow up to ensure implementation of recommendations;
  • Produce aggregate reports on activities, outputs and outcomes, including reports for donors as needed;
  • Participate in the required audit/ spot-check of the programme/projects. Follow up on audit/spot-check recommendations. All exceptions are timely reported;
  • Contribute to the preparation of necessary briefings and update for UNDP effective participation in Programme important meetings (e.g. Programme Executive Board), workshops and relevant events;
  • Contribution to the UN reform agenda; and advocacy

The JPO will function as part of the UN family in Viet Nam which commits to deliver as one (DAO) approach to enhance synergies and impacts of UN support in the area of climate change and green growth, by conducting the following tasks:

  • Actively participate and contribute to the operation and activities of UN system co-ordination and programming, especially the Joint Programme Group on Climate Change and Environment (JCG CC&E);
  • Maintain good partnership with the government counterparts, co-implementing partners, concerned participating development partners, and NGOs;
  • Support in UN’s and UNDP’s effort on advocacy and policy dialogue, including participation and contribution to policy-driven researches and reviews, and preparation of briefing notes or concept papers in collaboration with UNDP and project technical staff;
  • Identify and synthesize best practices and lessons learned, make suggestions to incorporate those lessons in programme/project implementation and monitoring;
  • Make sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice, including networks on climate change and green growth.
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