Two day student seminar on “Building climate resilient cities: Exploring theories, practices and prospects” on 16 and 17 February 2015 by The Energy Resource Institute ,TERI . 

Lack of knowledge about climate impacts and the measures to address them is one of the main reasons for not addressing climate change challenges in Indian cities. Besides this, current vulnerability of urban areas like population pressures, inadequate infrastructure and services in India is so pronounced that cities are unable to prioritise climate change as one of their focus areas of action. Urban climate resilience would not only prepare the cities to withstand climate change related gradual impacts like change in precipitation and temperature and sea level rise, but also equip the city equally to respond to disasters and extreme events. It would also drive cities towards sustainable development as it encompasses environmental benefits. Thus, there is a strong need to equip the students, practitioners and future urban planners with an understanding on the subject such that this information could be logically applied in our cities and climate change considerations could be inbuilt into the overall development paradigm. Details regarding this program can be found here.

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